Construction film CONBUD


Construction film

It is applied for moisture insulation under various types of floors. It ensures a perfect protection against penetration of moisture to the thermal and acoustic insulation of floors. Due to its properties, as well as its width, it may be used in all repairs and building works as the layer protecting against moisture, dust, wind, etc. Also, it may be used for temporary protection of roofing sections and covering of building front and window woodwork during finishing works.


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Feature Unit CONBUD 200 CONBUD 300 CONBUD 500
Thickness mm 0,2 0,3 0,5
Width x Length m 4×25 / 5×20 / 6×25 / 6×33 / 8×25 / 8×33
Water vapour diffudion resistance coeficient µ 593432 328080 150959
Reaction to fire Euroclass F F F
Resistance to tearing(nail shank) N ≥45 (along)≥50 (across) ≥65 (along)≥70 (across) ≥105 (along)≥105 (across)
Maximum stretching strength N/50mm ≥80 (along)≥60 (across) ≥110 (along)≥95 (across) ≥165 (along)≥155 (across)
Extension at break % ≥150 (along)≥190 (across) ≥240 (along)≥260 (across) ≥330 (along)≥380 (across)
Resistance to impact

Meets the requirements


Black / Graphite

wide range of temperature
reasonable price
guaranteed quality
conformance to the standard